My Competencies

Over the years I have developed the following competence areas:

Policy advice
I have supported over a dozen governments and several multilateral institutions in the design of a policy or instruments to enable and facilitate private sector participation in the provision of public services. Recommendations have been mostly presented to the key decision makers including parliament, ministers or even prime ministers.

Capacity building and training
I have been responsible for establishing the PPP unit of the Ministry of Transport in the Netherlands and supported the establishment of various PPP units elsewhere. I furthermore have provided numerous trainings and workshops on the subject of PPP mostly evaluated with outstanding reviews.

Feasibility studies and business planning
I have done many feasibility studies or business plans. Mostly for projects in the area of transport infrastructure, real estate or regional development. I am well experienced in valuing projects and assessing the bankability and value for money.

Tendering and contracting
I have been involved in a number of transactions, sometimes considered a landmark PPP for the respective country or region. Total value contracted amounts up to over € 3 billion.

Project Management
In most of my project I acted as the team leader bearing final responsibility. Teams were mostly multidisciplinary including legal, engineering and economic experts as well as multinational including recognized international experts and relevant local experts.